‘Lucy Ambache, Choice FM’s cheekiest presenter, adores BeauBronz Quick Fix Tan and the tan enhancing body cream!’

Lucy Ambache

‘Beau Bronz is the biggest secret in celebrity tanning’.

Ashley Pearson ITV’s ‘This Morning’ showbiz presenter, who loves Bronz Forever.

Ashley Pearson

“My beau bronz tan was flawless and gave me the confidence to compete in a skimpy gladiator outfit without worrying about my body!”
Caroline Pearce – International Training & Education Consultant, also known as Ice in Gladiators

Caroline Pearce

‘”What can I say, your product and services put colour in my life. Thank you, Abi.”
Sam Bond – Atlas in Gladiators

Sam Bond

‘’During filming of Gladiators, all the ‘Glads’ received weekly spray tans from Abigail Oleck, at BeauBronz, it was fantastic! Though I was initially concerned that my very fair (redhead) complexion would be transformed into something from a ‘you’ve been Tango-ed’ advert, I was pleasantly surprised by the results, my new sunkissed look appeared really natural! Beau bronz is a fantastic product and I’d be delighted to recommend it to any celebs out there.’ Shirley Webb who plays Battleaxe.

Shirley Webb

‘My name is Lucy Boggis and i play Tempest on the new gladiators on sky one! I also compete for my country in the heptathlon. when filming gladiators we had to look our best, so we had Abi come and do our spray tans! she made the tan look really natural and fresh. Even when we were all so tired from filming and feeling at our worst, Abi’s spray tan made us all feel a lot healthier! Abi made me feel really comfortable having it done and she did it really quickly. also it was done with all natural products so there was no horrible smell etc. Abi’s tan is great!

Lucy Boggis

As an Oympic level athlete and Enigma in the new Gladiators, what I put on my body is as important as what I put into it. BeauBronz is a totally natural product and left me with a beautiful, natural looking tan every time. Not only did I look fresh from the beach, BeauBronz withstood sweat, lycra rub and even the tears of contenders!

Jenny Pacey

Advanced Beauty Guru, and one of Vogue’s top beauty secrets Constance Campion recommends BeauBronz to all her rejuvenation clients and patients at Plastic Surgery Associates UK. She says; “A safe tan is a fake tan as long as it has safe ingredients. The link between sun-bathing and accelerated ageing and skin cancer makes it extra important for me to find an effective means of tanning that we can recommend at our practice. BeauBronz is my all-time favourite, for a wonderful, bronzing, natural based ingredients glow”.

Constance Campion of Plastic Surgery Associates UK

To prepare for his birthday, the Capital 95.8 FM host took on a fake tan session at work over the weekend. He arranged for Abigail Oleck, from BeauBronz, to bring a special spray-tanning tent into the studio to prepare for his pending birthday party. The live webcam caught some of the action, with listeners calling in when they saw bare images of the ex-Blue star. ‘The Beau Bronz tan is fabulous’

Duncan was so impressed with the tan, he invited Abigail to his exclusive birthday bash where celebrities were treated to exclusive Beau Bronz products and delighted to be able to book one of Abigail’s customised tans.

Duncan James

“My Californian patients have to have a tan but like to have a safe tanning product that doesn’t look fake. BeauBronz is so good, and has such a lovely ingredient mix, that it’s my choice as a Cosmetic Dermatologist and a purveyor myself of a natural based glow”

Dr Julia Tatum Hunter MD LA Skin Fitness Plus Beverley Hills

‘BeauBronz is a natural tan with no horrible smell!’

Daniel Spiller – Millwall Football

Abigail Oleck, ‘Spray Tanner to the Stars’ is the official spray tan provider for all of ‘The Gladiators’. Look out for them and their customised tans on the new Sky TV Show, launching in April.

The Return of Gladiators

On the natural holistic tanning treatment given by ‘Spray Tanner to the Stars’, Abigail Oleck’, the brothers say that,’their tans look great!’

Saxby Twins

‘I always choose to use BeauBronz before an important event; it provides the most natural coverage’.

Stephan Booth, The Bill, Hollyoaks

Supports BeauBronz in raising money for ‘The Holistic Cancer Care Centre’, at our Professional Beauty events.

Jakki Degg

‘BeauBronz is my only choice of spray tan. I have been a fan for nearly four years, and I always get complementary comments from make up artists and models on how natural and even my tan is! I love the product so much I am now the face of Beau Bronz’.

Jo Lawden

Neil wore Bronz Forever and his gorgeous wife Kerrie wore Bronz with darkening drops on their wedding day.

The Matrix Twins

‘I have tried at least a dozen spray tans in Los Angeles, New York and London. BeauBronz spray tan is my favorite! This product and application has clearly been so well thought out. I get by far the most compliments after one of Abigail’s sprays. Spray tanning is truly an art to get right and so many go horribly wrong. BeauBronz is amazing! I have to add that the tan in a can touch up spray is a genius product and there is nothing like it on the market!’

Tracey Anderson (Personal Trainer to Madonna and Gwenth Paltrow)

‘I have used most self fake tans on the market and also been to many salons to try different spray tans. I have always found that they tend not to give an all over even coverage and it tends to go dark around the knee area and the feet, and never really looks that even. Some of them also have an orange tinge too, but with BeauBronz, it is the most natural looking fake tan I have tried! There are no dark patches on my knees or feet and it gives and even coverage. Abigail Oleck really knows what she is doing and is customising the tan especially for me. I’ll never use anything other than BeauBronz again’!

Chloe Marshall – 1st Runner Up Miss UK 2008